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Homeless Outreach

A few local high school students began this outreach as their Capstone Project for graduation.  Upon collecting several hundred pounds of food, buckets of hygiene products, socks, shoes, and belts, they visited homeless camps and gave individual bags to everyone they found.


At the end of the project, they relegated their idea to us, and we have chosen to continue the Outreach.  Individuals and families who are between homes or currently unhoused - sleeping in their car, in a tent, or couch surfing, are able to come here to pick up weekly food bags, shoes, clothing, and hygiene products or other needed items as they are available.

Our team works diligently to identify and refer clients to necessary services and aid in completing applications for client betterment such as SNAP, Medicaid, Social Security.  We are proud to announce we have now partnered with United Way Navigators to assist with the Polk County Healthcare enrollment applications.

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