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Credit Restoration

Credit Coaching and Restoration

Because of the generous funding of United Way of Central Florida, the Personal Finance Center provides free credit consulting.


Our Financial Stability Coaches are certified by the Credit Consultants Association as Credit Consultants and Credit Repair Specialists. 

"I am so excited! My score jumped 64 points!!!" - (One of our students)

This student had a goal of buying her first home and after taking our class she decided to contact the collection agency to pay off an old debt.  She negotiated a lower payoff, obtained the agreement letter, and paid off the debt.  She is now well on her way to making her dream of home ownership come true!

Credit Scores

We can help you monitor your credit score and provide information to help you improve it.

Credit Reports

  • We can help you obtain copies of your free annual credit reports from all three bureaus;

  • We will meet with you to review your reports and identify inaccurate or misreported information, and ensure the accuracy of the dollar amounts;

  • We will assist you in the dispute process to remove misinformation from your reports;

  • We will teach you how to restore your credit on your credit report so you do not have to pay somebody else to do it;

  • Our restorative services will result in only the most current, accurate information remaining on the report.

Getting Started

If you are interested in our credit restoration services, please call for an appointment with one of our financial stability coaches.

To make the best use of your appointment time, please bring recent copies of your credit reports from, the official site for free credit reports.


We can also use credit reports from other credit report sites; however, is sponsored by Equifax, Experian and TransUnion so you have a single site where you can ask for all three of your free credit reports.

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